About Us

Everything started out as an idea September 2014. We wanted in on the magnetic poetry fun we see online, but it was so hard to get magnetic poetry kits in the Philippines. At that time no one was selling magnetic poetry kits locally (believe us, we checked :P) so we decided to do some research and learn how to DIY them instead. With some trial and error, we were able to successfully produce our personal kits. When we posted a poem on social media, friends started asking us where we got out kit. So we thought, hey, why don't we share the fun and make the kits available for everyone to enjoy? Thus, Magnetic Poetry MNL was born.

We officially launched the brand on December of 2014. On February 2015, we launched the first ever Tagalog Kit, a Magnetic Poetry MNL original that really brought the Filipino twist to magnetic poetry. It sparked a lot of interest and was even featured on Inquirer Super.

It's been an exciting journey growing our brand and when we see what you create with our kits, we are even more inspired to continue what we have started! Here's to more adventures up ahead!