What is magnetic poetry? Magnetic poetry is the hobby of creating poems or messages out of a handful of words printed on magnetic tiles. These word tiles often come in themed kits, curated such that you connect existing tiles and build new words from them (e.g. wonder + ful = wonderful, believe + d = believed, week + end = weekend). You can also overlap the tiles if there are extra letters you don't need (mon[ey] + day = monday). Or, you can even flip a word tile and use the black/magnet side of it to cover part of a word you don't want to use (quest[ion] = quest, apart[ment] = apart). This method of writing, where you don't have all the words in the world at your disposal, offers a bit more challenge than traditional writing, and makes for a very creative activity! The possibilities are only as endless as your imagination!

What words are included in the kits? You can see the complete word list of the Starter Kit here and the Tagalog Kit here.

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